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Ansty   cricket   club   is   a   friendly,   welcoming   club,   situated between   Haywards   Heath   and   Burgess   Hill.   The   club   runs 4   Saturday   sides   including   the   first   and   second   teams playing   Sussex   Premier   Cricket   League   cricket   in   Division 2.   The   third   team   plays   in   the   Mid   -   Sussex   Stoner   league division   4   with   the   fourth   team   as   an   introduction   to senior   cricket   for   young   players   in   the   5th   division.   The club   also   run   a   Sunday   side,   with   the   main   emphasis   being on    the    social    side    of    the    game    with    all    abilities encouraged to play. The   club   is   based   on   a   thriving   colt   section   with   the   vast majority   of   the   current   senior   squad   consisting   of   current or   past   colts.   In   addition,   the   club   also   has   an   up   and coming   girls   section   as   well   as   running   a   senior   woman's side.  
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